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Obviously, the more people that come to your Campaign on Kickstarter, the more Backers You’ll get. Many people use various types of Social Media to promote their Campaign. The problems with Social Media is that it’s Just Not Enough. While it’s important to be active on Social Media regarding your project, a large percentage of the visitors you get from social Media will not convert.

That is, they won’t be Back to your Campaign.

You see, more than 40% of all the people who backers to Kickstarter Campaign are what we call serial Backers. These are people that spend a lot of time on Kickstarter, looking for cool Campaign to subscribe to, usually within a specific Category, like Film, Games, Crafts, Photos, etc.

They are more active as Backers, and they Back Projects in Larger Amounts!

THESE are the people that need to see your Campaign! And you can’t get to them from Social Media.

You can only get to them from within Kickstarter. Generally, these Serial Backers are going to scan their Category every day. But, because time is not infinite, they will likely only look at the top 20 or 30 Campaigns in the Categories that they care about.

And that each category can have hundreds, or even over a Thousand active Campaigns!

What does all this mean? At least 40% of your potential funding will only see you If your Campaign is in the Top 30 for your Category!

THEREFORE your Goal Must Be to Spend As Much Time As Possible In the Top 20 For Your Category!

As a kickstarter Tech Guru, I have helped nearly 1200 Creators get their Campaigns ranked in the Top 20 of their Category. And, I hope you’ll let me do the same for You! Kickstarter determines their ranking of Campaigns using an Algorithim, just like the one that Google uses for search placement. It takes many things into accounts, but some of the most important are:

  • Backers Per Day
  • Total $ Raised
  • Traffic, Views and Video Plays
  • And Lot of other Factors!

So, you need to be getting good numbers on these in order to increase in the rankings.

And that is where we come in! We are a Team of Motivated, Highly Skilled Online Marketers with Tons of Experience getting Kickstarter Campaigns Just Like Yours the Top 10 & 20 Exposure they need.

Would You Be Interested In Getting REAL EXPOSURE Among People OUTSIDE Your Existing Fan Base?

Can You Imagine How Much More Success You Would Get With These HIGHER RANKINGS? Of course you would!

But that’s not the Best Part! When you get Ranked in the Top 20, the longer you are there, the more attention you get!You can be Featured on the Kickstarter Newsletter!

You can be Featured on the Kickstarter Newsletter!  You can get coverage in Kickstarter –centered Social Media Outlets!

All these things combine synergistically to get you More and More Exposure in front of Kickstarter’s 15

Million Unique Monthly Visitors! And once you hit this level of activity, your Rank just continues to Increase, getting Increasing Attention for your Campaign !

I KNOW that we can get A TON more contributions for your Campaign!

Here is What you get what you work with us:


  1. A Project Manager that will work Directly with you consistently to complete Your Project!
  2.  We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so there’s no risk to you!
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We are The ONLY SERVICE ONLINE that Supports and Boosts the Ranking of Kickstarter Campaigns! We

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