Hacking the Kickstarter Ranking Algorithm

Goal: To get into the “popular” section of your chosen category on Kickstarter.

Q.) What matters? How can I accomplish this?

A.) Backers per day. Backers per day seems to be one of the largest aspects of the “Secret” Kickstarter Algorithm when it comes to placing your campaign into the limelight.

How to accomplish Tactic #13

Set a low level contribution amount of $1. At this point (pre-launch) you should either have 50 people (friends family etc.) who are willing to pitch in at least one dollar.
Though if this isn’t your reality, 50 different email addresses & 50 throw away credit cards (VISA Gift Cards) will work as well. You can also use this service to quickly and easily increase the number of backers and increase your Kickstarter Project Ranking.

WARNING: 50 backers per day = Your campaign in the popular or ‘featured’ section, which as we all know is worth it’s weight in Platinum.

Apart from getting initial backers you also need a compelling and converting sales pitch that get high conversion to boost up the ranking. I am exclusively offering Kickstarter Campaign content writing service that converts like crazy.

BUT 50 backers in 10 days = only 5 backers per day, IE: Your campaign is no longer in the popular section. So only use this technique for short ‘burst fire’ promotion in the beginning.
I’m working on decoding their algorithm as well as Indigogos Algorithm.
As I find more exploits I’ll share them accordingly.
NOTE: To all the people who are going to inevitably tell me “I’m cheating” & that this is somehow “morally wrong” or whatever, please understand that I didn’t write some magical hacker code or tamper with their algorithm in any way. I simply found an unlocked door & opened it.

There are some other ways to increase your Kickstarter Project Ranking. You can also use our services to get your project Top-20 the category you posted. Click here to check out our pricing.

We are, like it or not, a Capitalist Society & when it comes to Business there are no rules of engagement.

This is WAR.

lol that may be taking it a bit to far but you get the point …

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