How Kickstarter Ranking Algorithm Works?

The key about a Kickstarter campaign is to promote your Kickstarter Project in a very short period of time to gain some traction. And thats why lot of people has been asking me questions:-

How Does Kickstarter Rank Projects? 

How Kickstarter Ranking algorithum works? 

How can one get to the front page of Kickstarter.

So today i am going to answer all the questions and will be leaving this debate to the rest! Since we know that Kickstarter has hundreds of projects in a given category at any time. So how they manage to rank projects based on “Popularity” ?  Our team has been testing this for years and below are few important points that you need to keep in mind if you really want to get into the Top slot:-

Backers Per day

The number of pledges you get per day is the most signficiant ranking factor we discovered so for. After all, its all about money. We noticed in our tests that if you get 3-5 backers on daily basis from the day-1, you get a really hard push to the top. The low amount you get per backer, the better! The reason is that if lot of people are visiting and backing your campaign. Thats proves that your project is getting popular 

How to get lot of backers in the start?

Well, you need to create a buzz around your brand so whenever your project is live, their are bunch of people waiting to back your campaign right away.

Thats why i always to start list building before you get live on Kickstarter. Create a website, start teasing your audience and once you are all setup inform them through your communication channel. Set a low level contribution amount of $1. At this point (pre-launch) you should either have 50 people (friends family etc.) who are willing to pitch in at least one dollar. 

How well your visitors are interacting? Yes! This is a ranking factor.

I might sound stupid but yes this is a ranking factor, How? Well, kickstarter track your conversion and if your have high bounce rate and no-one is interecting with your content kickstarter will push you further down.

And if you have good sales copy, a video that grab attention of the visitors right away, you get retention views and visitors which helps in conversion and Kickstarter push you up a little bit and continuous to do so.



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